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Cato Networks Automates SASE Provisioning and Monitoring with New Cato Cloud API
Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2020 11:36:14 AM

New GraphQL-based API extracts security and networking information globally with a single request. Channel partners and enterprises can now easily automate provisioning and management of Cato SASE deployments from third-party platforms.

TEL AVIV, Israel, December 08, 2020 — Cato Networks,?the provider of the?world’s first SASE platform, introduced today the first API to a global SASE platform. With the Cato Cloud API, enterprises and MSPs, can automatically provision new sites and policies, and monitor Cato network analytics and security events from SIEMs and other third-party platforms. The API uses GraphQL and interfaces to the entire Cato Cloud, not one location, replacing what would have been hundreds of third-party API calls with a single Cato Cloud request.

“As Cato is being deployed in complex, global IT environments, the need for sophisticated monitoring and automation is paramount,” says Cato co-founder, President and COO, Gur Shatz. “The Cato Cloud API is critical for these organizations to manage Cato deployments in the context of their existing tools and platforms.”

One MSP already using the Cato Cloud API is CDW. The company integrated Cato Cloud into ServiceNow and other management solutions to enable deeper visibility into the circuits of a managed service client.

“With just one Cato API call, we were able to replace tens of API calls from other vendors,” says Mark Hurley, Product Manager of Enterprise Networking Services Research and Design at CDW. “The Cato Cloud API allowed CDW to easily integrate into ServiceNow and monitor customer circuits with greater visibility while also providing latency monitoring.”

Cato Cloud API Brings Programmatic Control to SASE

Five years ago, Cato reimagined enterprise infrastructure by connecting and securing all edges — remote users, offices, and cloud resources — in a single, global, cloud-native platform. This unique approach afforded Cato customers not just incredible visibility into the infrastructure but also agility in the face of change. For example, with the advent of Covid-19, Cato customers switched thousands of users from offices to work-from-anywhere models in minutes without compromising performance or security.

The Cato Cloud API now brings programmatic monitoring and configurability to the extensive visibility and control provided by Cato’s management application. With Cato Cloud API, Cato exposes to third-party platforms all of the same granular networking and security events’ data, already correlated with a common context for easy analysis.

MSPs and enterprises will be able to use the API to automatically provision and manage Cato deployments through their existing SIEMs and management platforms, such as Kibana, ServiceNow, ScienceLogic, and Splunk. Not only will they be able to automate routine site and user configurations, but they will also be able to programmatically respond to new events, like instantiating new security policies to block new threats.

More specifically, the Cato Cloud API delivers:

  • Access to Security and Networking Data Through One, Programmatic Interface — With one API for security and networking, Cato simplifies management and monitoring automation of the complete network and security stack.
  • Pre-Normalized Data for Immediate Analysis — Cato provides all security and networking event data in the same format and structure. This saves precious development cycles spent normalizing the data for analysis.
  • Granular Data Retrieval for Improved Efficiencies — The Cato Cloud API uses GraphQL allowing organizations to tailor requests to retrieve just the necessary data. Older APIs would “over fetch,” returning more data than necessary for a single query, consuming more processing cycles and requiring customer-side data post-processing.
  • Querying of the Network Not Each Edge — With the Cato Cloud API, organizations interrogate the entire network for event data, not individual edge devices. A single query can retrieve networking or security data about hundreds of locations and thousands of remote users. Older APIs required individual requests for each edge.

The Cato Cloud API is available today.

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